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Taith is the Welsh Government funded international learning exchange programme for Wales. It is for people in every part of Wales, in every education sector – schools, youth, adult education, further education, vocational education and training, and higher education, and every education type – formal, informal and non-formal.

Our refreshed strategy focuses on making international exchange more inclusive and accessible.

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Our purpose

We create life-changing opportunities for learners and young people across Wales through international learning exchanges.


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Our mission

To fund inclusive and accessible international educational exchange opportunities for learners and staff across Wales, with opportunities for international learners and staff to visit Welsh partners.

Taith will encourage participation from people from underrepresented groups – including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, ethnic minority backgrounds, Disabled people and people with additional learning needs.

Our objectives

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Objective 1

Ensure exchanges provide the greatest impact


  • We will ensure our funding models support individuals with barriers to participation to international exchange.
  • We will offer additional support for organisations working with individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, Disabled people and people with additional learning needs.
  • We will work closely with stakeholders to better understand the barriers to participation and ensure the support is effective.
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Objective 2

Fund high-quality learning exchange projects


  • We will ensure our information and processes are accessible and transparent.
  • We will administer a robust, independent and transparent assessment process.
  • We will share examples of best practice and build collaborative communities that are able to support each other and those new to international exchange.
  • We will consult widely and respond to evidence to constantly improve the programme outcomes.
  • We will ensure our funding models encourage meaningful international partnerships and reciprocal exchange.
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Objective 3

Support educational innovation in Wales


  • We will support collaboration between Welsh organisations and international experts on projects that benefit education in Wales.
  • We will enable participants to share their knowledge, ideas and resources across Wales.
  • We will target funding for collaborative projects on areas of strategic priority.

Key questions

An opportunity an individual is unlikely to have the chance to experience without Taith funding. Opportunities are relative, and impact is proportional. The experience should have a lasting and demonstrable benefit; the impact will be higher for those who have had little or no opportunity to experience international travel and culture.

Projects should seek to inspire learners and raise aspirations. Staff activity should create immediate and lasting benefits for generations of learners and young people.

Travel and spending time away from home develops confidence, independence and resilience.

Learning alongside international peers helps participants to develop a better understanding of different cultures and languages.

International collaborative projects provide learners, staff and organisations in Wales the opportunity to work with and learn from the very best international examples.

Global challenges can only be solved through global cooperation. Taith is committed to encouraging sustainable practices, including additional funding for more environmentally sustainable travel.

Taith facilitates collaborative projects on the theme of climate change.

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Wider impacts

As well as the direct impact on learners, staff and organisations involved in the programme, Taith has a range of wider impacts:

  • Promoting Welsh culture, heritage and language;
  • Promoting Wales as an outward looking, collaborative and welcoming country;
  • Embedding an international approach in the education sectors across Wales;
  • Stimulating educational excellence and innovation to complement existing Welsh Government strategies;
  • Developing language learning and intercultural understanding across Wales.

Taith Strategy

PDF – 3 MB

Our refreshed strategy focuses on making international exchange more inclusive and accessible. This means creating more opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, people from ethnic minority backgrounds and disabled people and those with additional learning needs.

First published: 9th October 2023

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