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Celebrating one year of Taith!

Taith – Wales’ international learning exchange programme – is helping thousands of learners across the nation experience enriching educational mobilities and exchanges since launching one year ago.

The Taith programme was established with a £65 million investment from Welsh Government with a commitment to create 25,000 opportunities for international learning and exchanges over a period of four years (2022-2026).

The official launch of Taith in February 2022 was followed by its first call for funding just one month later. Pathway 1 resulted in more than £10 million being allocated to international learning exchanges, supporting over 6,000 learners, volunteers and staff from all over Wales and across the world to participate in inward and outward mobilities.

Susana Galván, Executive Director of Taith said: “It has been truly rewarding to see how enthusiastically the programme has been received by partners across Europe and beyond, and what a positive impact this is having on the international profile of Wales. In the last year, we have engaged with partners and organisations from over 30 regions and nations.”

“It is undeniable that international exchanges have a hugely positive impact on the lives of the individuals who benefit from them, enabling them to develop new skills and new perspectives, as well as opening new horizons and opportunities.”

“Taith aims for every individual who has benefited from the opportunities given through the programme to become ambassadors for Wales, carrying the message to the world that Wales is welcoming and outward-looking, collaborative and open to international connections.”

Since the success of the first funding call a year ago, Taith has launched two further funding calls; Pathway 2 in October last year focusing on building partnership and strategic collaboration through international collaborative projects and developing quality outputs to address educational challenges and opportunities across Wales and internationally. And Pathway 1 2023 which launched in January 2023 and is currently open for applications until 16th March 2023.

The Minister for Education and Welsh Language, Jeremy Miles said: “It’s been remarkable to see the breadth and ambition of projects and I’m delighted we’ve already allocated over £10 million to international learning exchanges since the programme formally launched in February last year.

“Diolch to Taith for their hard work in supporting our education sectors and providing life-changing experiences for learners and educators, not just in Wales but across the globe. Taith’s achievements this year have been fantastic, and I look forward to seeing even more success in the next year of the programme. Thank you all and happy anniversary Taith.”

Taith also funds Phase 3 (2022-2026) of the Global Wales programme, a partnership initiative which aims to provide a strategic, collaborative approach to international higher and further education in Wales. The partnership brings institutions and organisations working in support of international education together in a commitment to work collaboratively to boost Wales’ international profile, build networks and partnerships and support increased international recruitment.

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