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CLOSED: Recruitment: Chairperson for the Taith Funding Committees

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Taith, the international learning exchange programme for Wales, is looking for a Chairperson for the Taith Funding Committees.

Accountable to: Executive Director Taith

Time Commitment: Approximately 8 days based on two funding calls per annum (between 12-18 months)

Tenure: 2 funding calls (up to 1.5 years) in the first instance, depending on the funding call

Proposed Start date:  Mid-January 2024

Honorarium: Up to a maximum of £2,000 in any one financial year, to be paid to the individual, for a minimum of 8 days of service based on two funding calls, annually.

About Taith

Taith is the Welsh Government funded international learning exchange programme for Wales, which grants funding to organisations from every education sector in Wales – schools, youth, adult education, further education, vocational education and training and higher education – to undertake international learning exchange activities. Taith aims to fund inclusive and accessible international educational exchange opportunities for learners and staff across Wales, with opportunities for international learners and staff to visit Welsh partners.

Role Summary

The Chairperson provides oversight of the assessment process and the funding recommendations made by the Funding Committees. The Chairperson will have a responsibility to ensure that decisions made by the Committee meet the highest standards of probity to ensure the fair use of public money, and that the decisions are based on objective and justifiable criteria, meeting standards set out in the Taith Funding Committee Terms of Reference.

The Chairperson will also be required to attend the Board meetings of the International Learning Exchange Partnership Limited (ILEP Ltd) to present the recommendations of the Taith Funding Committees. There may be other responsibilities associated with the role.

For more information on the role, read the full person specification.

To apply, please email:

  • your CV
  • a covering letter of no more than 2 A4 sides explaining your motivation and how your experience meets the requirements

to with the subject line: Application for the Chairperson for the Taith Funding Committees. The deadline for applications is 12pm, Monday 13 November 2023.

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