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Taith is pleased to announce that the WCIA has been appointed as Taith Champion to support schools

The role of the Taith Champions is to raise awareness and promote Taith amongst organisations in their relevant sector, and to provide advice and support for organisations to apply for funding and to plan and run projects. They will focus specifically on engaging organisations with little or no experience of international exchange, and organisations working with those underrepresented in international exchange – people from disadvantaged backgrounds, from ethnic minority backgrounds, Disabled people and those with additional learning needs.

The Welsh Centre for International Affairs has delivered global citizenship with schools for decades and has 60 years’ experience of international exchange. They’ve developed strong networks across schools through multiple Erasmus partnership projects, their global learning work, and were a key delivery partner in the Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning programme which involved supporting schools across Wales.

As a trusted network lead in the Wales Alliance for Global Learning, working with partners to advise on the Curriculum for Wales they have strong relationships with civil servants in the education team and are a respected voice in the way that pedagogy in Wales is developing.

Amber Demetrius, the Global Learning Manager for WCIA, said: “We’re very excited to be supporting schools in making links between Wales and the World this year and can’t wait to hear about their experiences.”

Amber will act as the lead for schools. She brings a broad experience in managing multiple global learning projects, grant reporting, building relationships with schools, and delivering in schools and youth settings, including teacher training.

There are now Taith Champions available to support the Schools, Youth and Adult Education sectors. If your organisation would benefit from some advice and/or support to apply for Taith funding, please do get in touch with the relevant Taith Champion.  More details on the Taith Champions can be found here: Taith Champions – Taith

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