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Holly Coleman

Grants Officer
Holly Coleman - Grants Officer

In my role as Grants Officer, I will be supporting the Taith team in the grants management cycle, providing advice and guidance to programme applicants and participants, and supporting the day-to-day operation of projects.

I have 14 years of experience in Further Education, where I worked to support those who may not have otherwise been able to access the learning opportunities that they had. I am so happy to be able to apply my knowledge, experience and passion to now work with the Taith team to help successful applicants take part in such an innovative and exciting programme.

Other Staff

Luke Evans - Grants Assistant

Luke Evans

Grants Assistant

As grants assistant, Luke provides administrative support to the grants and finance team and liaises with participants about the Taith funding streams.

Having spent most of my professional life working with the charity/third sector, I fully appreciate the importance of building constructive and lasting relationships, between grant funder and recipients.

I’ve also seen first-hand how valuable travel can be, for building self-confidence and broadening your horizons – and I’m excited to support Taith, as they reduce barriers to travel and make learning exchanges as far-reaching and inclusive as possible.

Leah Doherty - Senior Project Manager

Leah Doherty

Senior Project Manager

Leah monitors, supports and plans board, resources and capacity. Leah is involved in most of the portfolios including resource management systems, IT systems, processes and programming for the programme.

I think Taith has the potential to open up opportunities for so many people across Wales and the world. I’m excited to find out more about the organisations and projects that can offer these and how we can help them to do this. We have a really dedicated and passionate team who I love working with. I have a lot of experience managing grant programmes in the voluntary and youth sectors in Wales, both national and international as well as a background in IT systems content development.

Susana Galván - Taith Executive Director

Susana Galván

Executive Director

Susana has overall responsibility for the strategy, performance, and successful delivery of  the Taith Programme. Susana works with senior staff from Welsh Government and the Programme’s target sectors to promote the interests and values of Taith across Wales and internationally.

I was really excited to join Taith in February 2022 and to lead such a brilliant team and such a unique and ground-breaking programme for Wales. Taith aims to create life-changing, wide-ranging and far-reaching mobility and exchange opportunities for people across Wales, across all sectors. International education and exchanges, and cross-cultural understanding are areas that I am truly passionate about, not just as someone who benefitted from such experiences as a young person, but also as these are the areas of work which I have dedicated the entirety of my professional life to. I am very proud and privileged to be part of a programme which is designed for Wales, with Wales and by Wales, and of what Taith so ambitiously and boldly aims to achieve. I look forward to witnessing the benefits that Taith will provide to its participants, both those going from Wales to the world as well as from the world into Wales, and to hearing all about their unique “journey” with Taith!