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Walter Brooks

FE, VET, Adult Education and Higher Education Programme Manager
Walter Brooks - FE, VET, Adult Education and Higher Education Programme Manager

Walter leads on programme engagement across the further education, vocational education training and adult education sectors.

I’m excited about contributing to develop a groundbreaking programme that offers so many benefits to Wales on so many levels. Experiencing other countries and cultures transformed my own life, and I relish the idea that we are providing those life-changing opportunities to a wide range of sectors, communities and individuals in Wales.

Other Staff

Ellie Bevan - Head of Policy, Programmes & Engagement

Ellie Bevan

Head of Policy, Programmes & Engagement

Ellie works on all things Schools and Youth, from developing the programme and policies, to raising awareness of the programme in the sectors and supporting organisations to apply for Taith funding.

I am really lucky to have had the chance to travel and work abroad in a number of different countries. These experiences have had a hugely positive impact on my life and career and so I’m really excited to work on a programme which enables other young people to have these opportunities. I have a background in widening access, and have seen the huge impact that international experiences can have on the lives of young people.  I’m therefore particularly keen to make sure the Taith programme is accessible and inclusive, and provides opportunities for children and young people who may not otherwise have the chance to travel abroad.


Michele Convery - Administrative Assistant

Michele Convery

Administrative Assistant

Michele provides an administrative service to the team by engaging and completing a range of routine tasks to meet operational and programme requirements.

Having studied and taught Sociology, I value and understand the importance of cross-cultural experiences and how they enrich lives. I am especially excited to be part of such a programme which extends this life-changing opportunity to those who would not normally have access to such an experience.

Chloe Clancy - Grants Assistant

Chloe Clancy

Grants Assistant

As grants assistant, Chloe provides administrative support to the grants and finance team and liaises with participants about the Taith funding streams.

I’m excited to be a part of the Taith team as I have seen first-hand the difference international exchange can make to someone. Being able to work in a team to help make this possible for people from different walks of life in Wales is an absolute pleasure.