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Taith Pathway 1 Mobility of Participants 2024

Schools Version 1.0, January 2024

2. Pathway 1 Timelines and Available Budget

Plant sy’n eistedd wrth ddesg ystafell ddosbarth. Mae'r rhan fwyaf yn gwisgo siwmper las a het. Mae merch ifanc mewn crys du yn eistedd wrth ochr un o'r bechgyn.

2.1. Timelines


31 January 2024

Opening of Pathway 1 (2024) funding call

20 March 2024, 12pm

Application deadline. Applications received after this deadline will not be assessed

June 2024

Outcome notifications will be sent to all applying organisations

1 September 2024

Projects can commence

2.2. Available Budget

The total indicative amount allocated to the Welsh Schools sector in the 2024 Pathway 1 funding call is £1,150,000.

Inclusivity and accessibility are a strategic focus for Taith and the programme is looking to fund as many and as wide a range of organisations as possible. As such, no organisation will be able to apply for more than 40% of the published indicative sector budget.