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Taith Pathway 1 Mobility of Participants 2024

Schools Version 1.0, January 2024

6. What happens once an application is submitted

Plant sy’n eistedd wrth ddesg ystafell ddosbarth. Mae'r rhan fwyaf yn gwisgo siwmper las a het. Mae merch ifanc mewn crys du yn eistedd wrth ochr un o'r bechgyn.

All applications will be assessed by external assessors. Detailed information on the assessment process, and how funding decisions are made can be found in section 6 of the Programme Guide.

6.1. Assessment of applications

To be considered for funding, an applying organisation must demonstrate in their application how they meet the Pathway 1 assessment criteria (see section 5.4 above). The assessment criteria are intended to enable Taith to evaluate the quality of the applications received and establish an overall assessment score for each application. All applications will be scored out of a maximum of 100, based on the criteria and weightings below.

To be considered eligible for funding, applications must pass the following quality threshold:

  • At least 60 out of the total 100 points.

Applications that pass the set quality threshold will be considered fundable. Applications that do not meet the minimum quality threshold will be deemed unsuccessful. All applications will be given feedback.

6.2. Funding allocations

Inclusivity and accessibility are a strategic focus for Taith and the programme is looking to fund as many and as wide a range of organisations as possible. As such, no organisation will be able to receive more than 40% of the published indicative sector budget.

Taith will aim, where possible to fund all organisations who pass the assessment process and are considered to be fundable. However, Taith funding is finite and it is likely that there will be funding calls where the value of successful, ‘fundable’ applications exceeds the available allocated budget. Where there is not sufficient budget to fully fund all applications, Taith may adopt an approach to reduce the funding across successful organisations on an equitable basis. If requests for funding significantly exceed the available budget, then Taith may adopt an alternative funding model such as a ranking list or similar.