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Pathway 2 Programme Guide 2023

Partnerships and Strategic Collaboration Version 1.0, 5th October 2023

4. Applying for Pathway 2

Ffurfiant craig mawr ac o’i amgylch mae nifer o goed gwahanol. Ceir awyr las.

4.1. Timelines

5 October 2023: Opening of Pathway 2 (2023) funding call.

30 November 2023, 12pm: Application deadline. Applications received after this deadline will not be assessed. 

March 2024 : Outcome notifications will be sent to all applying organisations.

1 May 2024: Projects can commence.

4.2. Before you apply

Before starting on an application, we recommended that applicants:

  • Read the Core Programme Guide
  • Check to make sure the organisation is eligible to apply
  • Read through this guide thoroughly, in particular the information on eligible activities, costs, participants and project durations
  • Verify that the organisation has sufficient financial and operational capacity 
  • Read through the Pathway 2 assessment criteria  in section 5.2
  • Read through the Pathway 2 resources and attend the guidance and tutorial events on completing an application
  • Get in touch with the Taith team if you have any questions

4.3. Completing an application

To apply for funding for Pathway 2, organisations must use the Pathway 2 application form and grant calculation tool which can be accessed via the Taith website.

The application form asks for narrative responses to a range of questions including a project overview, details of the planned activities and project output, how the learning will be disseminated, project and financial management, and how and why international partners have been selected. 

Applying organisations will also be required to complete a grant calculation tool, which will calculate the total grant requested based on the various activities applied for. Information on the grant rates for all pathways can be found in Section 7.

As part of the application process, organisations will need to confirm if they want to apply for reciprocal funding for international partner activities. Funding for international partners is up to 30% of the total grant requested. The funding available for this will then be calculated automatically through the grant calculation tool. 

Applications will be assessed against the set assessment criteria for Pathway 2 outlined in section 5.2. It is recommended that applying organisations read through the assessment criteria thoroughly before starting the application so you are clear on what the application will be assessed against. 

There are a range of written and video resources on the Taith website to support applying organisations with their application. 

All applicants are encouraged to complete the qualitative application sections offline, and then copy and paste them into the online application form. This will enable applicants to work through the sections of their application in their own time, without any of the risks associated with working online. Once the offline application is complete, applicants can copy and paste the content into the relevant sections on the online form and submit.

Organisations can only submit one application per sector per Pathway funding call. Applicants should ensure that multiple applications to the same Pathway funding call are not submitted by different parties in the same organisation.