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Taith Core Programme Guide 2023

Version 1.0, 5th October 2023

8. Appeals and complaints

Ffurfiant craig mawr ac o’i amgylch mae nifer o goed gwahanol. Ceir awyr las.

8.1. Appeals

An appeal is defined as a request to review a decision which has been taken by Taith where it is considered by the applicant of the appeal that the published programme procedures have not been followed. 

An appeal can only be submitted by an applying organisation (the person or organisation submitting a grant application to Taith), where the applicant of the appeal can provide evidence of an administrative error on Taith’s part or where published procedures have not been adhered to. Where this is not the case, please refer to the Taith Complaints procedure.

Information that was not included in the original application form cannot be considered for appeal.  

For more information on appeals please see the relevant pages on the Taith website 

8.2. Complaints

A complaint is defined as a dissatisfaction with a service provided directly by Taith. If the complaint is about a service provided by a beneficiary or co-beneficiaries organisation that are in receipt of funding from the programme, please follow the beneficiary or co-beneficiary organisation’s complaints procedure before submitting a complaint to Taith. A complaint can be made to Taith at any time during the application or at each stage of the project process.  

For more information on the Taith complaints procedure please see the relevant pages of the Taith website