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Taith Core Programme Guide 2023

Version 1.0, 5th October 2023

5. Before you apply

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5.1. Capacity

Operational capacity 

All applying organisations must possess the necessary professional competencies and be able to allocate appropriate resources and staffing, proportionate to the scale of their Taith project. 

Financial capacity 

All applying organisations must demonstrate they have a stable and sufficient source of income to maintain eligible activities throughout the period during which the Taith project is being carried out.

Taith may carry out financial capacity checks, including but not limited to: 

  • A review of latest accounts on Companies House or the Charity Commission, where relevant.
  • A review of the organisation’s most recent management accounts.
  • A review of the organisation’s governing documents to confirm that the organisation can receive the funding, the name on bank account matches and other checks, where relevant.
  • A check of credit reference agency records where appropriate. 
  • A review of the organisation’s current bank statements showing the closing balance.

5.2. Completing the application

To apply for funding from the Taith programme, applying organisations must use the relevant Pathway application form accessed via the Taith website.

The application form asks for narrative responses on a range of questions including a project overview, details about planned project activities, project and financial management, and alignment to the Taith programme objectives, all related to the specific Taith Pathway. 

Alongside the application form, applying organisations will be required to complete the grant calculation tool, which will calculate the total grant requested based on the various activities applied for. Information on the grant rates for all Pathways can be found in Annex 3 of this guide. 

Organisations can only submit one application per sector for each Pathway funding call. If an applying organisation submits more than one application to the same sector pathway in the same call, it will not be possible to merge multiple applications and Taith will ask the applying organisation to select which of the applications they wish to proceed. 

The deadlines for Pathway funding calls can be found on the Taith website, or on the current version of each Pathway Programme Guide.