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Taith Core Programme Guide 2023

Version 1.0, 5th October 2023

1. Introduction

Ffurfiant craig mawr ac o’i amgylch mae nifer o goed gwahanol. Ceir awyr las.

This guide is for organisations and individuals to discover more about Taith, how the programme works and who is eligible to apply for, and receive, funding. It contains all the information that organisations need to get involved. Accompanying this Core Programme Guide, we have specific Pathway Programme Guides, which provide detail about the individual Taith Funding Pathways, including eligible activities, costs and sector specific information. 

Please note that the 2023 Programme Guide applies to applications submitted to, and projects funded from, Taith 2023 funding calls only.  Please ensure you are reading this guide alongside the correct Pathway specific Programme Guide for the funding call you are applying/have received funding for.