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Taith Core Programme Guide 2023

Version 1.0, 5th October 2023

2. Overview of Taith

Ffurfiant craig mawr ac o’i amgylch mae nifer o goed gwahanol. Ceir awyr las. A large rock formation with different trees surrounding it. There are blue skies.

Taith is a Welsh Government funded programme enabling people in Wales to study, train, volunteer and work all over the world, while allowing organisations in Wales to invite international partners and learners to do the same here in Wales.  

Taith aims to give participants of all ages and from all backgrounds across Wales the chance to benefit from international opportunities. The four-year programme will involve international exchanges for learners, young people, volunteers, researchers and staff across the education and youth sectors, ranging from a number of days to a year in length. 

Taith is available for young people, learners and staff in the following sectors in Wales:

  • Schools
  • Youth 
  • Further Education, Vocational Education and Training
  • Adult Education
  • Higher Education

2.1. Our aims

Taith has five main objectives: 

  1. To deliver an inclusive, all-Wales programme to get more people involved in international exchanges, to broaden the horizons and confidence of young people, learners and staff at all levels in Wales, give them life-enhancing opportunities and support them to become ambitious, capable learners throughout their lives. 
  2. To promote collaborations between Welsh and international organisations that enable two-way learning exchanges to benefit everyone involved, build international links, and support the education sectors, including youth and adult education. 
  3. To encourage ambitious, innovative and creative activities that represent the best in international education exchanges and collaboration. 
  4. To raise the international profile of Wales as an open, outward-looking and globally responsible nation, committed to building on its legacy of international partnerships and relations. 
  5. To help deliver Welsh Government priorities in transforming international engagement and developing the best in international education and youth sectors through sustainable actions that benefit current and future generations in Wales.


2.2. Our commitments

Because we want Taith to benefit everyone involved and the wider community, we are committed to: 

  • improving access for Disabled people, additional learning needs, under-represented groups, and people from disadvantaged backgrounds; 
  • promoting the Welsh language and culture to participants visiting Wales as well as showcasing Wales to the world; 
  • encouraging sustainable travel in line with the Wellbeing of Future Generations Wales Act commitments to act as a globally responsible nation.
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2.3. Understanding the funding Pathways

Taith has two funding pathways:

Pathway 1 – Mobility of participants 

This pathway supports the physical, virtual and blended Outward mobility and Inward mobility of individuals or groups of individuals, providing opportunities for flexible short and long-term mobilities to learn, work or volunteer abroad.  This Pathway is open to applicants from organisations across all Taith sectors. 

Pathway 2 – Partnership & strategic collaboration 

This pathway supports the development of international collaborative projects led by educational and training organisations in Wales. This Pathway is open to organisations in the Schools, Youth, Further Education, Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education sectors. Detailed information on eligible activities, eligible costs and project durations can be found in the Pathway 2 Programme Guide.  

2.4. Additional support from Taith Champions

To ensure organisations interested in applying for Taith funding are fully supported through the process, we have engaged Taith Champions in the youth and adult education sectors. The role of the Taith Champions is to raise awareness and promote Taith amongst organisations in their relevant sector, and to provide advice and support for organisations to apply for funding and to plan and run projects. The Taith Champions will focus specifically on engaging organisations with little or no experience of international exchange and with less resource available, and those working with the most disadvantaged, those from underrepresented groups and Disabled people and/or those with Additional Learning Needs. For further information and contact details for the Taith Champions, please refer to the Taith website.