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Taith Core Programme Guide 2023

Version 1.0, 5th October 2023

3. Understanding the funding rules for Taith and reciprocity

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3.1. Funding rules

The following funding rules apply for all sectors and all pathways:

  • Taith is open for applications from organisations regulated or registered in, and operating from, Wales, unless otherwise stated in the eligibility criteria for the sector. 
  • Individuals cannot apply directly for funding. 
  • Participants do not need to be UK nationals. 
  • Taith will not fund activities already funded through other national or international funding programmes.
  • Reciprocity is encouraged and additional funding can be applied for to support this.

3.2. Reciprocity

Taith funds eligible organisations in Wales to undertake outward mobilities and participate in strategic collaborations. The principles of reciprocity and shared learning are central to Taith and we therefore have additional grant funding available which applying organisations can request to fund international partner activity.

More information on reciprocal funding can be found in the Pathway 1 and 2 Programme Guides. 

It is important to understand the terminology in relation to outbound and inbound mobilities and a short summary is provided below:

  • The Applying organisation is the organisation in Wales applying for funding to Taith. 
  • The Receiving organisation is the international partner organisation which will host participants from the applying organisation, or act as an international partner in a strategic collaboration. 
  • The Sending organisation is an organisation registered and operating outside the UK who sends participants to be hosted by the applying organisation as part of an inward mobility.  

Applying organisations in Wales who are awarded Taith funding will be responsible for ensuring they have appropriate agreement(s) in place with the receiving organisations before project activity or outward mobilities take place.  Sending organisations will be required to have appropriate agreement(s) in place with the applying organisations in Wales before any inward mobility takes place.  Applicants within Schools, Youth, Adult Education and Further Education, Vocational Education and Training do not have to use the same receiving and sending organisations.  For Higher Education, the general expectation is that there is outward flow for every inward flow to Wales for any one international partner. Beneficiaries may not accept inward participants from a partner where there is no intention to send outward students throughout the course of the project.


3.3. Eligible destination countries and territories

The Taith programme is open to all countries in the world, but travel advice provided by the UK government’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) must be adhered to. Taith will not fund travel to countries/regions where the FCDO advises against foreign travel. Where circumstances change in a country to which Beneficiaries are planning a mobility, leading to FCDO advice against foreign travel, the beneficiary must make alternative arrangements such as rearranging the mobilities to a different destination country. Prior to making any amendments, beneficiaries should get in touch with the Taith Executive to discuss/agree.

Destination countries are grouped into the following categories based on the relative cost of living in each country: 

  • Group 1 (Higher cost of living) 
  • Group 2 (Medium cost of living)
  • Group 3 (Lower cost of living)   

See Annex 1 – country group categories for further information and a full list of country groups