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Requests for personal information

Requests from the individual 

If you want to access your own personal data, or you have authority to act on behalf of an individual, you can submit a Subject Access Request. 

A subject access request can be emailed to and should include the following information: 

  • Your name, identification and contact details 
  • Any other name by which you were known to Taith 
  • A description of the information you are seeking. Where possible please include: 
  • the time period covering your request 
  • specific Taith documents 

If you are making a request on behalf of somebody else, please provide a copy of the authority for you to make this request on their behalf. 

The identification we require is as follows: 

  • Copy valid passport or driving licence 

For requests made on behalf of others, third party UK legal firms acting on behalf of the subject, we require a form of authority to act on the subject’s behalf in relation to SAR 

Taith may need to seek additional information from requesters to identify the subject or to establish the authority to receive information. We may also need to consult with third parties where information contains their personal data as well as the data subjects. 

Further information can be found on your right to access your personal information on the Information Commissioner’s website at:Your right of access | ICO 

Requests from the Police or other law enforcement officials 

Under the Data Protection Act 2018 the University may share personal data with the Police or other competent authorities in certain circumstances, including for the prevention or detection of crime, the apprehension or prosecution of offenders or the assessment or collection of a tax or duty. 

Authorities wishing to make a request under Section 29(3) DPA 2018 should email providing either: 

1. the Request to external organisations for the disclosure of personal data to the Police form


2. the following relevant details: 

  • the name/identifying information of the individual(s); 
  • details on the information required; 
  • the purpose for which the information requested is needed.

The request will be reviewed, and information provided where it is considered necessary and proportionate to the purpose for which it is requested, in accordance with the University’s responsibilities under UK GDPR.

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