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FE and VET

Funding Opportunities
Taith offers opportunities for learners and staff from Further Education (FE) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) organisations in Wales, to learn, train, volunteer and work all over the world and participate in life changing international experiences, shown to have demonstrably positive impacts on people’s personal progression in life, their learning, and their employability prospects  
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Why participate?

Offering international experiences to learners can be life changing. Taith mobilities enable participants to develop the key life skills and competencies they need to flourish, whilst boosting confidence and raising aspirations for learners.

Taith is an inclusive programme which offers additional support for participants from disadvantaged backgrounds and additional learning needs, enabling those with fewer opportunities to participate in transformational experiences. With a wide range of eligible activities for individuals and groups, funding is available to benefit learners of all types.     

Taith provides FE and VET staff in Wales with the exciting opportunity to internationalise their training and professional development. Participants can utilise funding to exchange best international practice within their fields and improve education and training standards in Wales, as well as establish or develop links and collaborate with international partners to build lasting relationships. This provides staff with new ways to help meet institutional needs and address local and national priority areas, including principles of the Tertiary Education and Research Bill. 

Who can apply?

Further Education (FE):

Any public or private organisation regulated or registered in, and operating from, Wales active in the field of further education, and which offers courses within the Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales, can apply for Taith funding. We also accept applications from national, regional or local co-ordinating bodies operating within Wales and overseeing the provision of further education. 

Vocational Education and Training (VET):

Any public or private organisation regulated or registered in, and operating from, Wales, active in the field of vocational education & training, which offers a range of courses, leading to accredited qualifications. 

This document relates specifically to the Taith Pathway 1 (2024) funding call for the FE and VET sector and will be subject to change for the next funding call:
Pathway 1 2024 Guide – FE & VET
The Taith Programme Guide guide is for organisations and individuals to discover more about Taith, how the programme works and who is eligible to apply for, and receive, funding:
Taith Programme Guide 2024
If you are interested in finding out more about Taith and our funding opportunities, please contact us and a member of the team will be in touch
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Funding Opportunities