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Three young people looking through a frame decorated with Welsh and Lesotho flags
Schools mobility to Lesotho

‘Glan-y-Moyeni’: bringing young people from Lesotho and Wales together

A group of teenagers stand on a platform with an impressive view behind them of three skyscraper buildings with a connecting roof. In the background is a city landscape of further skyscrapers and a sunset sky.
Schools mobility to Singapore

Ferndale Community School visit Singapore

Seven men and women stand in front of a yellow coloured wall featuring black writing in another language and the year 2001. Everybody in the group is wearing a thick coat and wooly hat.
Schools mobility to Iceland

St Joseph’s Catholic School and Sixth Form Centre visit Iceland

A group of primary school children at the beach on a sunny day. They are standing and kneeling in the sand with the sea visible behind them which leads to a distant landscape of buildings in the background. The sky is blue.
Schools mobility to Spain

Oak Field Primary School visit Murcia, Spain