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Taking Wales to the world and bringing the world to Wales.

The purpose of Taith is to create life-changing opportunities for learners and young people across Wales through international learning exchanges.
We are pleased to share the stories from some participants of the Taith programme across all sectors, who have visited countries all over the world.

Further Education mobility to New Zealand

Gower College visits New Zealand

A big group of young people smiling for a photo. One person is lying down in the front

University of Wales Trinity Saint David student visits the USA

GISDA visit Finland

GISDA supports vulnerable and homeless young people in North Wales, and they travelled to Finland


Adult Education mobility to Crete

A group of men and women standing on steps. There is a sign over their heads saying "Universiti Sains Islan Malysia
Cardiff Metropolitan research student visits Malaysia

Cardiff Metropolitan research student visits Malaysia

A group photo 7 people, one is holding a TUC Cymru flag.
Adult Education mobility to Norway

Wales TUC Cymru visit Norway

Mae grŵp mawr o bobl yn sefyll rhwng dau adeilad. Mae'r mwyafrif yn dal chwe bys i fyny.
FE visit to Spain

ColegauCymru visit Barcelona, Spain

Three young people looking through a frame decorated with Welsh and Lesotho flags
Schools mobility to Lesotho

‘Glan-y-Moyeni’: bringing young people from Lesotho and Wales together

A large group posing for a photo. They are all wearing similar outfits and appear to be in some sort of gallery/museum.
Youth visit to Italy

Merched Plastaf visit Rome, Italy

A group of teenagers stand on a platform with an impressive view behind them of three skyscraper buildings with a connecting roof. In the background is a city landscape of further skyscrapers and a sunset sky.
Schools mobility to Singapore

Ferndale Community School visit Singapore

Seven men and women stand in front of a yellow coloured wall featuring black writing in another language and the year 2001. Everybody in the group is wearing a thick coat and wooly hat.
Schools mobility to Iceland

St Joseph’s Catholic School and Sixth Form Centre visit Iceland

A group of primary school children at the beach on a sunny day. They are standing and kneeling in the sand with the sea visible behind them which leads to a distant landscape of buildings in the background. The sky is blue.
Schools mobility to Spain

Oak Field Primary School visit Murcia, Spain


Following the adventures of Taith-funded participants around the world

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