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Taith case studies: Pathway 2 – Projects

A case study basically tells the story of your Taith-funded project, sharing your experiences and highlighting the impacts and outcomes.

Case studies will be used on the Taith website and promoted on social media, and may also be shared by the Welsh Government, our Sector Organising Bodies, and other appropriate organisations of interest.

The purpose of a case study is for a wide audience (including those who may have no knowledge of Taith or international exchange in general), to get a real-life insight into the opportunities available through Taith funding, and to show the impact that your international collaborative project is having in Wales and internationally.

We hugely appreciate you agreeing to share your experience with us and have outlined some questions below. These are for guidance only so please feel free to share any information that you would like to. It is likely that the information you provide will be subject to editing to fit in with our house style guide and wordcount restrictions, but please be assured that no final version will be published until full approval has been agreed.

Excerpts from your case study may sometimes be taken and used as a standalone piece of promotional material for certain platforms (ie. a quote from somebody as part of a case study saying “The training toolkit we produced using Taith funding will be used by teachers throughout Conwy in the next academic year” might be pulled out and used for social media or a flyer) but the wording/ context would remain as agreed when final approval was given as part of the overall case study.


Question ideas

  • Your name:
  • Name of organisation/school/university (etc):
  • Tell us about your project:
    • What is it? (for an audience with no prior knowledge)
    • Why did you choose this project?
    • What were the aims of your project?
    • Did you manage to achieve the aims you set out to?
    • What were your project outputs?
    • How did you share/disseminate the outputs?
    • How will it improve/progress/impact education in Wales?
    • How will it help learners in Wales?
    • Tell us about your partner organisation (who, how, why etc):
    • Tell us about some of the activities you and your group took part in:
    • What was the highlight of this project for you and why?
  • Was an international mobility part of your project? If yes, where, why, etc:
  • Who went on the mobility? (If this was somebody’s first international experience, what impact did it have on them?)
  • Who organised the project/applied for Taith funding? (was it done directly by yourselves or through a consortium)
  • How did you find the experience of applying for, and obtaining Taith funding?
  • How did you first hear about Taith?
  • Would you apply for funding with us again?
  • Would you recommend other organisations to apply for Taith funding? What one piece of advice would you give them?



Photographs from your mobility are needed to accompany your case study. All images provided must be subject to photo consent permissions (ie. photo consent forms organised by a school).



If you have any questions about providing a Taith case study, please contact

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